Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Catch Cheating Partners by Recovering Deleted Text Messages

There are a large number of innocent spouses and partners in a relationship that end up finding themselves beating their own heads against the wall in trying to find a way that they can either prove or disprove the suspicions that they have been having about their partner committing infidelity. Unfortunately this is not always an easy task, and just when you thought you might be able to recover deleted text messages, you opened up their cell phone only to realize that they had already removed all of the SMS text messages from off the phone. When a couple begins to argue and they start lashing out threats of reading messages on cell phones, this is generally when all kinds of data gets removed, which permanently erases any type of evidence that the innocent partner would have been able to use against them. Or does it?

Thanks to the high tech advancements that are continuously being made in the technology of today, there is a way to successfully be able to retrieve deleted text messages, videos, and photographs from a cellular device and it does not matter when they were removed off the phone. When you choose to use the professional services of an experienced specialist that has extensive knowledge in cell phone forensics, there are several different types of data that they have the ability to recover from a cellular device. To list some of the deleted items that a forensic examination can recover from a cell phone would include the following:

· Address book

· Text messages

· SMS messages

· Sext messages

· Graphics and pictures

· Videos

· Caller ID

· Email addresses

· Contact names and telephone numbers

· Detailed information such as a call record listing both dialed and received calls and messages, along with the dates and times

The advantage of being able to use cell phone forensics has put countless individuals back in the playing field, giving them the ability to retrieve deleted text messages and other helpful information that gives them the evidence they need to confront their spouse when they are engaging in unfaithful acts. This type of service can also be very beneficial when it comes to proving the innocence of a spouse or partner.

It is very important that you do not mistake the services of cell phone forensics with that of a SIM card reader. Using a SIM card reader is a process that can completely destroy the data that is on the cellular device and make it impossible to be able to retrieve deleted text messages or pictures.

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scarlet reynolds said...

Last year, almost 30% of cheating spouses were caught via their cell phone. Think Tiger Woods with this one. Suspicious spouses just had to grab their partner’s cell phone and read their text messages to catch them red handed.

dayton hopper said...

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